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INDUS INTERNET SERVICES At this point I can only speak for the installation technicians. They were professional and polite. Their work was quick and nicely done. IT'S RELIABLE INDUS INTERNET SERVICES Only INDUS INTERNET SERVICES gives you more. Plus when you rent our xFi Gateway modem + router for Rs.500 a month, you also get personalized control and free Advanced Security Best Internet Experience INDUS INTERNET SERVICES Get high-speed internet at an affordable price. INDUS Internet Services Assist is available exclusively to qualified households. High-Speed Internet

Wifi Broadband

Over 5ghz without any disruptions at your home


We provide Off-Net Internet access to allover Karachi.


With Indus Internet Services, you can build your own private connection.


Choose Us?

Get fast, reliable Internet so you can stream your favorite shows, play the hottest games with no buffering or interruption, and connect with family and friends on Skype. With Rise Broadband, you’re just a click away.

Better Investment

Reliably fast speeds. Plus the largest Gig-speed network available.

Advanced Security

FREE with our Gateway to block online threats to connected devices.

Better Streaming

Flex 4K streaming device, Voice Remote, Peacock Premium. No extra cost.

Coverage And Control

Millions of hotspots. Rent an xFi Gateway for whole-home WiFi management.


High Speed Internet with Unlimited Downloads

INDUS INTERNET SERVICES provides high-speed internet with unlimited downloads to cater to the demand for browsing, online streaming, gaming, and learning across Pakistan. High-Speed Internet provides unlimited data at a higher level of performance.

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